About us

Bilder & Worte was founded in 1990 by journalist Gero Gemballa († 2002) and the Director of Photography Volker Noack. As Germany’s most successful documentary team they produced between 1989 and 1996:

Das Dorf der Würde (The village of dignity):
The Colonia Dignidad in Chile
Wegen Geringfügigkeit (Trial set):
The Contergan trial
Die Barschel-Affäre (The Barschel affair):
Politics as dirty business
Geld spielt eine Rolle (Money is an object):
Insights into the Deutsche Bank
Der Aga Khan (The Aga Khan):
The Ismailis and their ruler
Der Priester, das Geld und die IRA (The priest, the money and the IRA):
The journeys of Father Patrick Ryan

Since 2008 Bilder & Worte has been expanding its team: young journalists and filmmakers continue our tradition of film production.